Divan & Chaise

Divan is a Turkish word and it means “couch”. Divans are usually large, they can be used as beds. Divan furniture designs vary according to countries and they change with time. Divan Furniture in Pakistan are mostly used as bed furniture. Divan beds appeal to many customers because they can be separated into two individual sofa-like pieces. Divans come with different mechanisms, like storage pullout mechanisms, memory foam technologies and others.

Divan & Chaise

Divan & Chaise Longue In order to properly define Divan and Chaise Longue, we must first explore the history behind Divans. Divans were originally designed in the Ottoman Empire to provide a resting place for people to sleep or sit on while they lounged. This piece of furniture also became a status symbol during this time period because only the extremely wealthy could afford such luxury. Divan beds were typically stuffed with down, wool or cotton and rested on a the ground as opposed to resting on legs as it does today.

Divan Price in Pakistan

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The price of divans varies depending on the quality and size of the divan. Those available at cheap prices are usually made with cheap materials and will not last long. Also those available at cheap prices will not be as comfortable as those that are made with the best quality materials and thus it is important to check the Divan Furniture Price in Pakistan before buying.

Why You Should Buy Divan

There are many reasons why you should buy a divan. With the traditional wooden bed, it is difficult to clean under the bed and dust collects there which can make you ill if left uncleaned for too long. Divans are much easier to clean than wooden beds and they allow easy movement of the bed which makes it easy to clean.

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