A dining Set is where all the family Sit together not only to have a Lunch / Dinner but also to spend their Good time together. A dining set is a perfect thing to Upgrade your Kitchen or Dining room Style. Usually, Dining Set is placed in the kitchen But in the Some House Where Have Some Space issues there Dining Set put in Lounge.basically dining Set has different Sizes, Designs, and Material that’s the Reason their Prices are Fluctuate according to their Material Like Wood Dining Sets, Marble Dining Sets, Glass dining Sets, Metal Dining Sets and Concrete Dining Sets.


When you Go to Market for buying a Dining table, You Should Know Some Factors.

1) Their Quality Must be Durable and Also Check their Finishing

2) Those Dining table You are Buying their Size are must According to your kitchen or Dining Room. Otherwise, if You Will Buy a Bigger table then your kitchen or Dining room so Your are Area will be  Jumble up try to Buying According to your Size.

3) Must check their Height Match Your Chair Height. In case You will buy a higher table then your Chair. You will be a discomfort when You are Attending your Dinner or Breakfast.

4) Check their Edges; it must be Smooth, and Corner of table Must be rounded.

5) And the Last But Not Least is it their Material that table you are Buying Which Material is used to Made it. Like Wood, Marble Glass etc.


A Large Number of People Prefer to Buy a Wood Dining Table. Because of their Shape, Mostly Dining table is Square and Rectangular. it is adjustable in any Kitchen or Dining area. Malik Furniture using Kikar Wood, Sheesham Wood and other types of Material in Wood Dining Sets.


Malik Furniture is Also Making Marble Dining Set For those Who Demand. But one thing is Remember is it Marble Dining Set More Havier then Wood and Glass. Marble Dining table Top is Very Thick. Because More then one Layer is used to making it  Their Finish is very Glossy But one thing is if You Will Fall Something Solid on it. Scratched can be on it and it can lose their Finish.


Glass Dining Set is Very Light and Slim Shape. their top Surface is Very Slim and Transparent. Mostly People Like to Buy it. Malik Furniture Using GHANI Glass in Glass Dining Set. Malik Furniture Making Glass Dining Sets as on Customer Needs

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