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Double Bed Designs

If you have never had the pleasure of sleeping on a double bed before, then you may be surprised at its size and feel. It’s rather like sleeping on two individually wrapped mattresses. A double bed is usually a mattress size that falls somewhere between queen and twin. It’s quite a bulky bed, offering a more spacious feel to either a single person or a more cramped feeling for two. Because of their ease, they are considered a luxury. It eliminates the hassle of folding and unfolding a huge bed in order to move it to a new location. If you want to add a charming touch to your bedroom, a double bed is a must. Who wouldn’t desire a double bed with all of its convenience and unique designs and styles?

The Material of Double Bed Frames

Double bed designs can be made from many different materials including; wood, metal, and plastic. For the wood lover, there are many unique and beautiful pieces available in all types of woods such as; oak, cherry, maple, ash, birch, and rosewood. For metal lovers, there are many popular metal combinations including; aluminum and bronze, chrome and zinc, copper and nickel, and tin and brass. For plastic lovers, there are several different combinations of Plastic including; clear polycarbonate, polycarbonate colored, acrylic, and many more.    





  The first thing that comes into your mind when say metal is usually mahogany which is the dominant type of metal used for making these beds. However, the main material which is used for making them is steel which is a very durable metal and it is also resistant to scratches, dents, and stains. These beds can be easily found at the Malik Furniture store. If you can’t decide on wood or metal or if you are not sure what kind of material will best suit your needs, then why not visit a Malik Furniture store their owner will guide you and suggest you the best one according to your budget.

Types of Double Bed Frames

There are many different types of Double Bed Designs from which to choose. Most double beds have four double drawers each holding at least one bed linen and/or pillowcase. Some double beds have two individual drawers, one for the headboard and one for the footboard. Some double beds have open-faced storage drawers instead of storage drawers on the sides. Some double beds have platform beds attached with a permanent bed frame that will swing away from your body to provide an extra mattress in the bottom of your double bed. When looking at different types of double beds there are a few different ones that are very popular among buyers. The first and most common one is the single bed design. These are usually made out of wood with a metal frame on each side. They can be found in many different styles, colors, and even patterns to fit your personality. Another popular type of double bed design is the double bed with storage space. These can be found with a center drawer or on both sides of the bed. You can find them in different sizes such as twin, full, queen, king, and California king. These beds can offer you plenty of storage space, giving you room for everything you need. With this design, you will also have enough headroom for those long summer nights and still be able to reach the top of the bed during the cooler seasons. A popular type of double bed design is the dual mattress with storage space option. These can be found with a center drawer or on both sides of the bed. You can also find them in sizes suitable for a toddler. This makes these beds great for little children who still want to be able to reach the top of the bed during the night.

Designs and Styles of Double Bed

There are many bet types to choose from, but nothing will beat the style and designs that can be had with a double bed. They are available in many different materials, styles, and sizes. Depending on what you like the most you can find something that will fit your needs perfectly. The latest double bed designs are becoming very popular. These double beds have the convenience of two extra beds in one single bed. There are many double bed designs available in the market, but the best among them are the ones that have sheshame wood frames with steel headboards and footboards attached to the frames. These frames add a unique look and feel to the double bed and provide ultimate comfort. You can also find queen, full, king, and California King sizes as well. Because these beds tend to be larger than regular ones, they tend to cost more than smaller ones. The cost for these beds tends to vary according to the type of wood that is used, the style, and the overall quality of the bed. You can get high-quality beds at affordable prices at Malik Furniture This is a very popular, unique, and beautiful furniture store that carries only solid wood beds. No matter which type of wood bed you choose or which style of bed you prefer, you can find just the right Double Bed Design for your bedroom. You can either go online or browse their collection of unique wood bed designs or you want custom made furniture just visit a Malik Furniture store

Designs and Styles of Bed Frames

Double bed frames are gaining popularity nowadays with many couples who are looking for a versatile piece of furniture to add to their bedroom. They can be placed in any bedroom and serves two functions as well. They give the necessary support to both your body and your mattress during your slumber. If you are among those who love to collect the latest designs and styles of bed frames, there is no better place to look than the Internet. With just a click of a button, you will have all the details that you need to know about the double bed frame you are about to purchase. If you want to look for more designs and styles of these bed frames, just check the Malik Furniture site for some good deals. They are always flooded with the latest designs and styles of this type of furniture. If you can’t find what you are looking for, they also offer custom-made beds.

Bed Designs in Pakistan

Double bed designs in Pakistan have become a popular choice for interior design. Traditional wooden bed sets are made by skilled craftsmen and are slowly exported to other countries due to cheaper labor costs. For the bedroom furniture design, one would normally go for a traditional wooden bed that has a traditional look. But these days, more modern patterns and colors of wooden furniture and accessories have been used to decorate the bedrooms of both men and women. An example is that of brightly colored cushions on a traditional-looking wooden bed. Another popular motif is the use of textured wooden blinds or shades on the walls to give the room a warm and inviting feeling. One of the most unique bridal furniture designs that will make your wedding look amazing is bridal sets furniture wood bed design.

Double Bed Price in Pakistan

If you are a shopping addict, it is very much expected that you would like to know about the double bed price in Pakistan too.It is common to find people complaining about the high double bed price in Pakistan. You might be one among them who does not have ample cash to buy a new double bed for your bedroom. The problem is not so hard to solve.If you are residing in Pakistan, you must have come across the name of this famous furniture shop Malik Furniture. The prices of these beds are usually affordable and it is worth spending some money on your home decoration. Also, there are many varieties of beds available in the market, including single beds, double beds, king size beds with great quality of the material. They are also offering Double Beds at an attractive price along with various types of bedroom accessories. These include nightstands, dressers, armoires, drawers, chests, bedside tables, and many other items. If you want to buy some items from our shop, then the customer care executives of our shop would help you in selecting the suitable bedroom furniture of your choice. 

Quality of a Double Bed at Malik Furniture

Visit Malik Furniture, you will have a large variety of comfortable furniture for both the bedroom and living room. These beautiful pieces of art are available with matching accessories and bed mattresses ranging from twin size to full size. These double bed mattresses are made up of high-quality material which can ensure comfort as well as style. These beds are also available in various colors, sizes, shapes, and styles. You can find a wide array of styles as well as designs on their website. Malik Furniture store sells quality double beds. They all have different varieties and styles to choose from. For a double-wide bed, there are the California King, California Queen, European Queen, Full-Length California King, and European Queen. If you visit Malik Furniture, you can see the wide variety of beds, singles, and doubles and you can also see the other furniture items that they have for sale. At the shop, you can have a look at all the items that they have for sale and then you can decide one that suits your taste and your pocket. There is no doubt that the double bed is one of the most elegant furniture to have in your bedroom. Double beds not only give you the immense pleasure of having great room for sleeping, but they are also a perfect fit for buyers who are going on spending on living on a tight budget and space conscious spree. If you are considering buying such bedroom furniture then you should first understand the different types of double bed styles available in the market. This will help you get an idea as to which particular style would be suitable for your bedroom. You can visit our shop there we are selling these comfortable and good quality furniture items. You can check out the large variety of bedroom furniture items like single beds, doubles, king’s size, queen size, and the California King size. When it comes to the comfort of the furniture items and the durability of the material used, you will find that the single beds and doubles, kings’ size, and California King Sizes are very popular and are sold in large numbers. If you want to buy a comfortable bedroom design for your bedroom, you should visit our shop where you can see all the items. You can check out all the items in detail and take a look at the color and the style of the bedding set that you would like to buy.

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