Double Bed Wood Furniture

Wooden Bed Design in Lahore Pakistan

Wooden Bed Design Wooden Bed Design can be a great addition to your bedroom. Wood bed designs give you the options of choosing from different styles, shapes and materials. Wood bed is also available in various price range at our stores or Our website so that you get to choose best design according to your budget. Wooden Bed Design Wood has always been used for furniture and other functions. Wood can provide a sturdy base, it is aesthetically pleasing, and useful in many different ways. Wood beds are created especially…

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Bedroom Double Bed

Double Bed Price in Pakistan | Malik Furniture

Double Bed Designs If you have never had the pleasure of sleeping on a double bed before, then you may be surprised at its size and feel. It’s rather like sleeping on two individually wrapped mattresses. A double bed is usually a mattress size that falls somewhere between queen and twin. It’s quite a bulky bed, offering a more spacious feel to either a single person or a more cramped feeling for two. Because of their ease, they are considered a luxury. It eliminates the hassle of folding and unfolding…

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Almari Bedroom Blog Double Bed Furniture Single Bed

Bedroom Furniture Design | Latest Furniture Design for Bedroom

Bedroom furniture Design   We know you’re busy. That’s why we’ve included this handy guide of bedroom furniture design to help you find exactly what your new space needs! From beds and dressers to nightstands and desks, there are plenty of options on Malik Furniture for every budget. Browse the gallery below to see all of our latest Bedroom Furniture or click on any category below for more information. One thing that sets us apart is our quality customer service – no other company will work with you as closely…

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Bedroom Blog Double Bed Single Bed

Bed with Drawers in Lahore Pakistan | Malik Furniture

What is Bed With Drawers Bed with drawers are a type of furniture typically made up of two or three large drawers fitted under the bed frame. Bed with drawers are usually found in bedrooms, but can be used anywhere which offers enough space for placement underneath a frame. Bed with drawers is ideal for many people because it provides an area to store larger items that would not normally fit in a cramped bedroom drawer, such as sweaters or blankets. Bed with drawer are usually made from wood, but…

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Double Bed

New Double Bed Prices in Lahore

New Double Bed Prices in Lahore sets are becoming popular these days and have gained tremendous popularity in terms of bedroom decoration. Double Bed Set is a modern concept and provides ample space for maximum comfort. Bed Designs are generally selected from various traditional designs that give an old-world appeal. Double Bed sets are among the most luxurious bedding that is available in the market today. These pieces of bedding are available in different sizes and designs to match the decor of any bedroom. These sets are usually used for…

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