Dining Set

Dining Table Design in Pakistan

Tables Design Need more of the modern table in your life? Visit Malik Furniture to make your home as amazing as you imagine it. Set up the modern-day look in different styles and sizes to complement the contemporary theme throughout your home. From small to large-sized accent tables to big banquet tables, from sleek and clean to bold, you are sure to find just the right piece for your home. Want more of the modern table in your life as well? Visit Malik Furniture and get an accent table that…

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L Shape Sofa Sofa Set

L Shaped Sofa Design in Lahore | Malik Furniture

L Shaped Sofa Design It is not impossible to decorate a small space; however, it might be tough at times. It’s true that decorating small, solitary spaces is difficult, but making the right choices is crucial. It’s all about visualizing what works best in making your home and the design theme complementary when renovating a dining or living room corner. It is fair to state that these spaces are frequently left unfilled. Well, there is a way to effectively embellish such spaces. We have an L-shaped sofa which is design…

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LCD Rack

LCD Wall Design in Pakistan | Malik Furniture

LCD Wall Design in Pakistan Nowadays, display systems for LCD Wall Design are highly popular and have become more popular with various kinds of businesses. Display systems for LCD Walls are known for their eye-catching features, which make them more attractive and appealing to a large number of people. If a person has large wall space, these displays can help in making the wall more eye-catching. Modern living rooms or entertainment walls have now become highly popular for their contemporary decorating styles. This design is often referred to as a…

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Bedroom Double Bed

Double Bed Price in Pakistan | Malik Furniture

Double Bed Designs If you have never had the pleasure of sleeping on a double bed before, then you may be surprised at its size and feel. It’s rather like sleeping on two individually wrapped mattresses. A double bed is usually a mattress size that falls somewhere between queen and twin. It’s quite a bulky bed, offering a more spacious feel to either a single person or a more cramped feeling for two. Because of their ease, they are considered a luxury. It eliminates the hassle of folding and unfolding…

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Chair Design in Lahore Pakistan | Malik Furniture

If you are thinking of making a good investment by purchasing modern home Chair Design that suit your home decor, then there are numerous things to consider. First is the type of wood used in the construction of the chair. Next is its size and dimension and so on. Modern home chairs can be made from various types of wood. Home chairs are an integral part of your home. They not only provide you with a place to sit, but they also add a touch of style and flair to…

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Center Table

Center Table Design Pakistan | Malik Furniture

Center Tables in Lahore Pakistan A Center Table Design is an ideal item to use if you are entertaining guests or have a large family gathering. It can be used for dining, coffee, or dinner and for setting the table. These are usually very versatile pieces of furniture, and they can be placed in your living room, dining room, or even in your kitchen if you wish. They will usually look great in any setting, and they can easily be incorporated into any design scheme. The center table has become…

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Almari Bedroom Blog Double Bed Furniture Single Bed

Bedroom Furniture Design | Latest Furniture Design for Bedroom

Bedroom furniture Design We know you’re busy. That’s why we’ve included this handy guide of bedroom furniture design to help you find exactly what your new space needs! From beds and dressers to nightstands and desks, there are plenty of options on Malik Furniture for every budget. Browse the gallery below to see all of our latest Bedroom Furniture or click on any category below for more information. One thing that sets us apart is our quality customer service – no other company will work with you as closely as…

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Bedroom Blog Double Bed Single Bed

Bed with Drawers in Lahore Pakistan | Malik Furniture

What is Bed With Drawers Bed with drawers are a type of furniture typically made up of two or three large drawers fitted under the bed frame. Bed with drawers are usually found in bedrooms, but can be used anywhere which offers enough space for placement underneath a frame. Bed with drawers is ideal for many people because it provides an area to store larger items that would not normally fit in a cramped bedroom drawer, such as sweaters or blankets. Bed with drawer are usually made from wood, but…

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